There is a significant change in business operations since the last decade. Currently, the world has moved into virtual cyberspace where one will find people glued to their computers, laptops, and phones. In this cyber-web that majority of the human population are finding themselves trapped in, at the epicenter is social media. One will find most people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Linked In, and Snapchat among many others. Where there are people, there is business; therefore, a business has to follow where the people are or it will die.

  1. Trends

At the moment, it is right to say that being in any social media platform is the trend. Most people are doing it so it will be risky for a business if it didn’t find a means to trade on those platforms as well.

  1. Moving with Technology

One of the greatest arsenals that a 21st-century business has at its disposal is technology. Doing business has become much easier with the use of technology. Social media avenues provide some of the ways in which a business can advance in the use of technology as an asset. It is a weapon that, if not used; one’s competitors find it easy to kill them off.

  1. Ease of Marketing

When one clicks on a YouTube video, they usually find that they have to watch an ad before their video of choice loads. The same principle applies to other social media platforms, upon logging in to ones’ account there may be an ad on the page and voila, a product has been marketed even without the user’s knowledge.

  1. Cost-Effective

As compared to other forms of marketing, social media marketing can be said to be the cheapest form of marketing. A business only needs to have its own social media account and display their products and services there with almost no cost.

  1. Communication

Through direct messages to the user of a certain social media account, customers can make direct feedback to the business concerning their products or services, as easy as sending a text message and receiving feedback.