Changing careers is a delicate exercise, and a lot of factors should be considered prior to making a considerable move. Remember that it is your career that has kept you going all your life. Before you can switch careers, therefore, it is wise to approach a professional for advice on your options, the viability of such a move and which direction to take.

Professionals in this field are called career coaches. They usually operate in companies or firms. Their services may range from recruitment, human resource, training, coaching, career assessment, and resume writing. Depending on the range of services that a career transition company offers, their remuneration may vary from $75 to $25000. These rates may be lump sum or spread out over months. In any case, the prices will depend on some factors such as the experience of the coaches, the time engaged and the type of career.

The most common payment plans are listed below:

Hourly Rates

A coach with little experience will charge less than one with more experience. This is because coaches who are starting will want to earn more hours to get the appropriate certification. Ordinarily, a company will charge between $75 and $250 per hour. However, the more experienced coaches will charge outside this bracket.

Per-hour billing is used for quick and easy tasks such as resume writing and one-time coaching. Longer or engaging tasks usually attract monthly premiums.

Monthly Payments

Monthly premiums are paid where there is a long relationship between the coach and client. It is usually a better option where you want help in achieving your career goals from the beginning to the end. Monthly payments may also be made for monthly packages that are inclusive of more than one product.

Most monthly payments will range between $1000 and $2500. However, some companies will require a commitment of three to six months depending on the time invested.


Hiring a career transition company may not be cheap, but it is a sure way of ensuring that your career objectives are met.