A company needs to hire new employees as it grows. All company hires top talents after assessing them using tests, viva-voce, presentations, etc. Although the company hires top talents, training is a necessary part to get them on boarding.

Training will make new employees understand his/her responsibilities. All companies need to train new employees and has to invest time and money on them.

Improper training can lead to immature/sloppy work and it will hamper the overall progress. So, all companies ranging from small to enterprise need to train the employees.

There is a cost associated with the training process. Let’s have look, what is the Average Price to Hire A Training Company?

Average Price to Hire A Training Company depends on various issues. Let’s break down the issue so you have a clear picture on the cost of hiring a training company:

  1. Business Size:

Business size is a key fact when you calculate the average price to hire a training company.

The hiring cost tends to be high for smaller companies whereas the cost is a little bit lower for large corporations.

  1. Industry:

Aside from business size, the industry is also a vital point for calculating the cost. For example, the training cost for a receptionist will be lower compared to the training cost for a Software Engineer. So the training cost various industry to industry.

  1. Training Method:

Training method also has a greater impact on calculating costs. The cost will be different for different training method such as classroom style training, technology-based training, webinar, etc.

Considering the above issues, the latest report published on the Association for Talent Development’s shows that the average cost train an employee is ranging from $1000-$1300. And the average time required for an employee to get trained is 33.5 hours.

Now you can easily calculate the Average Price to Hire A Training Company based on the size of your company, industry and training method.