You know your food photography is hitting the mark when it makes the viewer yearn to taste the food. Your viewer won’t have that yearning unless you photograph the food in its best settings. Our team of expert food photographers at The Photography Co, have some of the best food photography tips on how to make your food images look delicious.


9 Food Photography Tips to Create Mouth Watering Shots

Bring out the yum factor in your food with the following food photography in Dubai tips:



Try to experiment with different heights; it gives the picture a more natural frame. You may use a cutting board, cake dish, or even a towel or cloth to add a little texture to the photo.


Depth of Field and Shutter Speed

This trick helps create stories about the food. One of the coolest food photography tips is to focus on the food while blurring the background through sharpness and exposure. It lets you capture a photo with different moods.


Strength of your Dish

You need to find the strong point of your dish. Is it the color, texture or shape? When you find that out, you will know the angles, lighting, and feel to use. Working that out will help you capture the right photo.



Angles play a significant role in taking the right shot. You might have the right props, lighting, or style, but if you don’t have the right angle it may not be enough. Choose wisely before finalizing the photo. Top, front, 75, and 25 degrees are the major angles. Get ideas on the best angles for your food.


Get yourself a Tripod

Tripod takes the quality of your photographs to the next level. You will get razor sharp photos once you have a remote-controlled tripod. Not only that, but it helps you achieve a good shot in low light conditions as well as overhead shots.



Pinch up the shot a little but using the natural sunlight. Always opt for the daytime for a good photograph. Also, buy yourself a white sheet and put it near the window for amazing light. The light source must always be placed in the opposite direction and angle from the camera. The shadow created helps give your food more depth.



Remember that your food is the star of the photo while accessories and props are supporting characters in the story. A prop can be anything like recycled wood planks, crumbled brown paper cookbooks, or even ingredients from the recipe. They are there to help style the food shot.

Negative Space

Leave some negative space in the photo. Don’t zoom in too much; let the images sooth the mind and eyes by leaving space around the food.



Keep it simple. The most exciting shot is the one which is not cluttered. In short, less is more. Being creative and passionate is the key.


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